Sunny Stripy Socks II

Hello Dear Readers!
How are you today? I'm on holiday since yesterday, and it feels good! Sorry I missed my usual Sunday rendez-vous, but I was too exhausted to post yesterday. I have plenty to share with you but for today it will be my latest pair of stripy socks.

Comment allez vous aujoud'hui? Je suis en vacances depuis hier et c'est bon! Je suis désolée d'avoir manqué notre rendez-vous du Dimanche, mais j'étais bien trop épuisée pour écrire hier. J'ai beaucoup de choses à partager avec vous, mais pour aujourd'hui, ça sera ma dernière paire de chaussettes rayées.

Pattern: My own stockinette socks recipe. Recette perso pour des chaussettes en jersey.

Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Fabel, undyed 24 grams & gray 16 grams; Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Uni / Solid 4 ply, yellow 23 grams.

Needles: Addi Turbo Circulars, 2.5mm, 80cm.
Ravelry Project Page 

Pictures are taken before blocking: I always give a good soak to my finished knits before shooting them, but this time I was in a hurry before leaving my place yesterday so I just took the photos, threw the socks in my suitcase and left my camera at home (no more place in the suitcase!)

The socks were still on my needles that my mum "requested" them. She thinks "anything with a touch of gray" must be hers. That being said, she thinks "anything lace" should be hers as well!
But I'm happy to oblige, as you can imagine. You only have one Mom right? And I feel quite lucky that someone enjoys my knits as much as she does.

Les chaussettes étaient encore sur mes aiguilles que ma mère les avait déjà réclamée. Elle pense que tout ce qui comporte "une touche de gris" devrait être pour elle. Cela étant dit, elle pense également que tout ce qui est avec "une touche de dentelle" devrait également être pour elle! Mais je suis ravie de lui offir, comme vous pouvez l'imaginer. Je suis contente que quelqu'un apprécie mes tricots à ce point.

Stripy socks are a pretty fun and mindless project to knit. It's the perfect way to keep my hands busy while thinking about my next sweater project. (Still can't decide on the pattern, nor the yarn, so I guess another pair of stripy socks is on it's way!) I also find it very rewarding to make socks using only leftovers: no yarn purchase, more place in my yarn drawers! It's a win win!

Ces chaussettes rayées sont très sympa à faire. Je trouve que c'est le moyen parfait pour garder mes mains occupées pendant que je réfléchis à mon prochain projet de pull. (J'ai toujours pas décidé d'ailleurs! Une autre paire rayée sera peut être encore nécessaire...) Je trouve aussi très satisfaisant de faire des chaussettes en utilisant uniquement les restes: pas d'achat de nouvelle laine et plus de place dans mes tiroirs à laine. La combinaison gagnante!

I wish you a lovely week!
Je vous souhaite une excellente semaine!


Double Zipper Pouch

Hope you had a lovely weekend! It was very pleasant and peaceful in here. Lots of knitting (while binge-watching series) and sewing of course.
On my last post about sewing, I confessed how much I was impressed, obsessed fascinated by sewing techniques. Sewing a zipper was one of those techniques I thought I would never be able to perform, but fortunately, with the help of this excellent photo and video tutorial found on Pinterest, I finally sewed my very first zippers! Yay!

J'espère que vous avez passé un excellent week-end! Ici, ce fut calme et agréable. Beaucoup de tricot (en regardant des épisodes de séries, mon support favori pour tricoter) et de la couture bien sûr.
Dans mon dernier billet à propos de la couture, j'évoquais mon obsession, ma fascination pour les differentes techniques de couture. Poser une fermeture à glissière faisait partie de ces techniques que je me sentais incapable de réaliser, mais avec l'aide de cet excellent tutorial (photo et video!) trouvé sur Pinterest, j'ai finalement réussi à coudre mes toutes premières fermetures éclair.

Material: Only the zippers and the thread were bought, fabrics and button are recycled from various sources.

Matériel: Seuls les fermetures à glissière et le fil ont été achetés, les tissus et le bouton sont de récupération.

Mods: I added the appliques as I thought the burlap (new english word to add to my vocabulary!) was a bit dull. I used star shaped cookie cutters for the appliques, and stitched them before assembling the pouch.

Modifications: J'ai rajouté des appliqués parce que je trouvais la toile de jute un peu fade. J'ai utilisé des moules à biscuits en forme d'étoile pour les découper et je les ais cousu avant d'assembler la pochette.

About the Pattern: I thought it was a little confusing at first (I had to watch the video several times) but I followed the instructions blindly and it worked! It took me 3 evenings to finish the pouch, but this was because I'm not feeling confident enough yet. Next time, I will cover my zipper tabs for a neater finish.
It was really a stressful fun project and I enjoyed it a lot. And also, I feel ridiculously proud of myself, I can hardly believe I made it all by myself! (The pouch is entirely lined!!! :p)

A Propos du Patron: J'ai eu beaucoup de mal à le comprendre au début (j'ai dû visionner la vidéo plusieurs fois), mais j'ai suivi les instructions à la lettre et ça a marché! Il m'a fallu trois soirées pour venir à bout de cette pochette, mais c'est parce que je ne me sens pas encore très confiante. La prochaine fois, je couvrirai les extrémités des fermetures pour une finition plus discrète. Ce fut un projet très stressant intéressant et je me suis beaucoup amusée. J'ai même du mal à croire que je l'ai faite moi-même. (La pochette est entièrement doublée quand même, rendez-vous compte!!! :p)

Have a lovely week!
Je vous souhaite une excellente semaine!


Cerus Scarf

Hello! Hope you had a very nice week end! We are enjoying some beautiful sunny days here in France, but it's still time to get ready for the chilly fall season. This scarf was one of my summer projects but it took quite a long time to finish (and to post about it, obviously) as I was making several other things at the same time.

Pattern: Cerus Scarf by Hilary Smith Callis

Yarn: Baruffa Bollicina, light pink 75 grams & Cardiff Cashmere Kashmir, light gray 72 grams.

Needles: Addi Turbo Circular 4mm, 60 cm.

About the pattern: It's the second time I knit this pattern, and I love it. The stitch pattern gives a very flat and thin fabric, allowing the yarn to drape beautifully. Plus the pattern is unisex, and I have already planned to knit two other scarves for special men around me, but shhh! it's still a secret ;)

About the yarn: These yarns were Patrizia's birthday gift to me last year (I know I'm spoiled). The pink yarn is a 35% silk and 65% cashmere blend. It's very soft and shiny. The grey yarn is pure cashmere, and I just love the very soft gray shade. Of course, it was the first time knitting with such luxurious yarns, and I fear it might be very difficult to return to my "normal" life. (I'm currently knitting a pair of Regia socks, and they feel like sandpaper to my hands)

Mods: As for the first time, I used the same modifications. All the slipped stitches are slipped as if to purl. I used simultaneously 2 balls of pink and 1 of gray.
CO: main color first skein
Row1: (rs) k1, *slip1 with yarn in front, k1* (main color 1st skein)
Row2: (ws) k1, p1, *slip1 with yarn in back, p1*, k1 (main color 2nd skein)
Row 1: (rs) k1, *sl1 with yarn in front, k1* (contrasting color)
.... and so on. Ravelry Project Page.
I also knitted the traditional way instead of lengthwise , and I think it's better as the cast off row will be smaller and less visible. Haven't found a pretty bound off yet, even if I tried quite a few times.

Looking forward to Winter!
Happy knitting, crocheting, sewing or whatever pleases you!
Talk to you on next Sunday!


Little Sewing

Last summer, I began to sew. At first, I was afraid using a sewing machine, but little by little I became more confident. The ultimate goal is to be able to sew my own shirts and pants, but for the moment, I make small things and try to learn new techniques. It's a whole new world, and I confess I'm a bit overwhelmed (and completely obsessed!) by all the new techniques and terms to learn, and also all the beautiful possibilities offered by sewing.

 Hand stitched cushion cover, recycled old lace, recycled shirt buttons.

I also wanted to learn how to sew ric rac...

 Lavender sachets, unknown (and unwanted) fabric found in my mom's fabric closet, recycled ric rac and ribbon.

I don't feel confident enough to cut into a new fabric and probably ruin it, so for the moment I'm using what I have on hand. Hopefully, I'll soon buy my very first yard of Liberty fabric! ;)

Happy sunday to you!


Sock Scraps II

Hope you had a lovely Sunday. After a stressful week, here are a few well deserved days off. I knitted of course, and sewed a lot (not always successfully but I enjoy it a lot), bought some lovely plants for my appartment and did some other little crafts as well. 
Last week, I asked you what were you doing with your leftovers, and stripy socks and mitered squares blankets came on top of the list. I don't think I'd have the patience for a mitered blanket, though I love the idea of a long run project and the beautiful result. Here are my first pair of stripy socks:

Pattern: My own recipe for stockinette socks. (Reminds me I have to write down the pattern someday)

Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Uni / Solid 4-ply, 26 grams for each color of the stripes and 22 grams for the cuff/heel/toe sections. 

Needles: Addi Turbo Circular 2.5mm, 80cm.

They were quite fun and quick to knit. I tried both jogless techniques (techknitter's blog is an encyclopedia!) and "normal" knitting for the stripes, decided they all looked similar and in any case visible (probably doing something wrong), so I "hid" the jog at the back of the leg and underneath the feet, and I'm trying to convince myself that I don't care having imperfect socks! :p

What is your favorite jogless technique? Do you have any tricks to share?
 I still have plenty of leftovers waiting to become stripy socks! I may cast for another pair tonight.

Have a lovely week!


Sock Scraps I

A few months ago, Andi asked what we were doing with our sock yarn scraps....
Il y a quelques mois, Andi nous demandait ce que nous faisions de nos restes de laine à chaussette...

For the moment, I'm not doing much with them, so I reunited all the pinks/reds, wounded them in tight little balls and tossed them in a vase: cheap, fast and cute temporary ornament, until I collect enough of pink and red sock leftovers to make a granny blanket some day.

Pour l'instant je n'en fais pas grand chose, donc j'ai réuni tous les roses/rouges, enroulé en petites pelotes bien serrées et je les ai placées dans un vase: une petite déco temporaire sans prétention, jusqu'à collecter suffisamment de ces couleurs pour pouvoir en faire un plaid en crochet un de ces jours.

I just finished a pair of socks made from left-overs. I'll come back next week with pictures of them.
Je viens juste de terminer une paire de chaussettes faites de restes. Je reviendrai la semaine prochaine avec les photos.

What do you do with your scraps of yarn?
Que faites-vous de vos restes de laine?


Honey Glazed Pecans

Guess today's pattern! It's socks. It's the 6th time I knit them...

It's No Purl Monkeys of course! How original and unexpected.

My friend Patrizia is an avid sock knitter. She already owns quite a lot of pair of socks, but when you're a knitter, it's likely that you knit for others but others don't often knit for you.... I wanted to knit something special for her birthday.

The other day, we were chatting and complaining about our respective stash's size, and I was telling her that I must make harlequin socks with aaaaaall my fingering left-over yarns. She said: "Knit socks for me!" The funny thing is that these socks were already on their way to her place at that moment ;)

Pattern: No Purl Monkey by CraftyPancakes.

Yarn: Regia Angora Merino, Honey. 76 grams

Needles: Addi Turbo Circular 2.75mm, 80cm.

About the Pattern: I already told you all about this fabulous pattern isn't it? 6th pair.

About the Yarn: Oh so soft! But quite fuzzy, I had golden fuzz all over me while knitting. The yarn is fabulously soft and the color is very luminous (but difficult to picture faithfully) Love it! Patrizia, I want a feedback on how the yarn wears!

I was worried the socks might not fit her (she has a very personal way to knit her own socks, using various needles sizes and so on) but I decided to knit as usual (I just made a looser cast-on) and, according to her, they fit and she loves them. Imagine my relief!

Happy Sunday to you!


Isn't It Cool?

Hello Dear Readers!
Today I have an exciting news to share with you. Last winter, I was contacted by Hulda Soffia via Ravelry. She offered me to use my Citrus Coaster Recipe for an icelandic magazine. She translated the pattern in icelandic and kindly sent me a copy of the magazine once published. Even if I'm not able to understand a word of icelandic, I am still very honored that my humble little pattern is published. Thank you so much again Soffia!

Aujourd'hui, j'ai une nouvelle excitante à partager avec vous. L'hiver dernier, j'ai été contactée par Hulda Soffia via Ravelry. Elle me proposait d'utiliser le patron des Citrus Coaster pour une publication dans un magazine islandais. Elle s'est occupée de tout, de la traduction à la publication, et m'a envoyé un exemplaire du magazine une fois terminé. Même si je ne comprends pas un mot d'islandais, je peux vous dire que je suis très honorée que ce petit patron tout simple soit publié. 


I made another set of coasters for a friend lately, using various cotton leftovers I had in my yarn drawers. The color matches her interior well and she seems to enjoy using them.

J'ai fait un autre set de coasters pour une amie, en utilisant quelques restes de coton que j'avais. Les coloris vont bien dans son intérieur et elle a l'air de les apprécier. :)

Pattern: Citrus Coaster by myself.
Crochet: Clover Soft Touch 2.5mm 
Yarn: Unknown cotton yarn, fingering weight. Reste de coton inconnu, type fingering.

Each time I look at my patterns' page, I'm surprised by the number of projects made after my designs. I am so glad that you enjoy using my little patterns, thank you so much!

A chaque fois que je regarde les pages Ravelry de mes patrons, je suis étonnée du nombre de projets réalisés. Je ne peux que vous remercier chers tricoteurs et crocheteurs! Je suis très touchée que mes petites créations vous plaisent.

Happy Sunday to you!
And thank you so much for your welcoming comments on my last post!
Et merci de vos gentils commentaires sur mon dernier billet!


Sunday Swing Socks

Hello Dear Readers!
How are you? How was your summer? I took a longer blogging break than I thought, but I think I needed it. During this time, I did quite a lot of DIY projects, such as sewing, knitting & crocheting of course, but also, sanding, painting, framing and so on. I also spent time with family and friends, went sightseeing, cooked and baked, read, slept, taking my time.... Overall, I'm very happy with my summer break, and I'm looking forward to begin a new year!
I have quite a lot projects to show you, but for today, it will be socks.

Bonjour à vous!
Comment allez-vous? Comment s'est passé votre été? Je me suis accordée une pause estivale plus longue que prévue, mais je crois que j'en avais bien besoin. Pendant ce temps, j'ai fait pas mal de bricolage: crochet et tricot bien sûr, mais aussi couture, ponçage, peinture, encadrement et tout plein de choses en fait. J'ai également passé du temps en famille et entre amis, fais un petit peu de tourisme, cuisiné, pâtissé (ça se dit?), lu, dormi, bref, pris mon temps. Je suis ravie de mes vacances, et je suis prête pour la rentrée!
Je vais tenter de faire un billet entièrement franco-anglais aujourd'hui. Je ne peux pas vous promettre de toujours faire cela, mais j'espère que ça va vous plaire quand même, au moins pour aujourd'hui.

Pattern/Patron: Sunday Swing Socks by Kristel Nyberg. A free Knitty pattern. Un modèle gratuit de chez Knitty.

Yarn/Laine: Drops Fabel but hand-dyed by Caroline (Mademoiselle C.), 80grams. Teint à la main par Caroline.

Needles/Aiguilles: Addi Turbo Circular, 2.5mm, 80cm.

About the Yarn: Mademoiselle C very kindly offered to dye this yarn for me. I'm in love with the dyes she chose (make me think of candies!) I love the right sock, the colors blend perfectly. Unfortunately, on the left sock, the color pools like crazy. There's the lovely sock and it's ugly sibling. Should I have alternated the skeins? Probably. But I confess that I was too lazy for that. Anyway, I still like them very much. However, I will probably never buy this Fabel yarn again. The fabric is stiff and a little itchy.

A propos de la Laine: Mademoiselle C. m'a très généreusement offert de teindre cette laine pour moi. Je lui ai fourni les pelotes non-teintes, et elle me les a rendu merveilleusement colorées. J'adore les teintes acidulées qu'elle a choisie. J'aime la chaussette droite: les couleurs se fondent et s'alternent harmonieusement entre elles. Malheureusement, la chaussette gauche n'a pas eu cette chance. C'est ce qui fait aussi le charme de la laine teinte à la main. J'aurai pu peut-être alterner les pelotes à chaque rang, mais je vous avoue sans honte que j'ai eu la flemme. Je les aime quand même. Cependant, je n'achèterai probablement plus cette qualité de laine: le rendu est rêche et en plus, ça pique. Tout pour plaire quoi....

About the Pattern: I enjoy this pattern very much: so easy, and as fast as stockinette, but with this little twist that makes all the difference. I still prefer knitting no-purl monkeys... If you ever decide to knit these, be careful not to forget the yo at the end of row 2. 

A propos du Patron: J'ai beaucoup aimé tricoter ce patron: très facile à réaliser et presque aussi rapide que du tout jersey mais je préfère quand même tricoter les No-Purl Monkeys (on ne se refait pas).... Si jamais vous décidez de vous essayer à ce patron là, faites bien attention à ne pas oublier le jeté à la fin du rang 2!

Have a lovely Sunday! Talk to you next week!
Je vous souhaite un bon Dimanche! A la semaine prochaine!


Summer Break

Hello Everyone!
I'm on holiday since yesterday: two long months without teaching, but I'll have plenty of time for practicing for myself, knitting, spending time with friends and family, reading, "redecorating" my apartment (basically painting some furnitures, make some crafty projects and hanging a few pictures...), sleeping, eating...in short, seeing la vie en rose!

Bonjour à tous!
Je suis en vacances depuis hier: deux long mois sans enseigner, mais j'y gagne plein de temps pour travailler pour moi, tricoter, passer du temps avec des amis et ma famille, bouquiner, "redécorer" mon appart' (en fait c'est juste repeindre quelques trucs, en bricoler d'autres et accrocher quelques cadres...), dormir, manger....bref, voir la Vie en Rose!

I'm also taking a little blogging break: so no blog post for a few weeks, but I'll keep following avidly yours of course!

J'en profite pour faire une petite pause aussi ici: pas de billet pendant quelques semaines, mais je continuerai à suivre vos blogs avec assiduité bien évidemment!
Talk to you soon!
Happy July to you!

A bientôt! Profitez bien du mois de Juillet!