The Story of...

...the gauche Knitter who realised she had knitted two right mitts after casting off....

L'histoire de la tricoteuse un peu gauche qui s'est rendue compte après coup seulement qu'elle avait tricoté deux mitaines droites...

I should stick to only socks for a little while...

Happy Sunday!


The XXL Stole...

You know of course Purl Soho right? One day, I'll go to visit their shop but meanwhile, I enjoy their website. This blog is awesome, the pictures are lovely, and the projects look awesome always. Now that I have a sewing machine, I'll have to give a try to their (simplest) sewing projects as well...
A few months ago, my favorite LYS in my town closed its' doors definitively. It makes me feel sad, as I really like the sweet owner lady. I spent quite a lot of time in her shop buying more yarn than I could knit and chatting about knitting with her. She offered a special discount on all the items in her shop, and even if I'd prefer she's still here instead of having bargain prices, I bought quite a lot of yarn. I bought 26 (26!) balls of various yarns. Debbie Bliss Angel, is a yarn I wouldn't usually treat me with, but at this price, I'd have been stupid not to buy. Let's say it was a "thank-you-so-much-for-everything, farewell" shopping....

Pattern: Diagonal Pinstripe Stole by Purl Soho.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Angel, 3 natural (15006) and 2 coral (1530). 1000m of garter stitch, 125grams of decadent softness.

Needles: Addi Turbo Natura, 5mm, 80cm. Bamboo needles was the best option for this slippery yarn.

About the Pattern: I enjoyed knitting it a lot, even if it took quite a lot of time, I enjoyed this garter stitch sea. Knitting garter stitch on the bias adds a nice twist to the ensemble too. The finished stole is 220cm x 60cm. I can wrap it thrice around my neck if I want to, it's huge, fluffy and so warm I'll have to save it for really freezing cold winter days.

About the Yarn: Can I describe how warm and soft and squishy is this yarn? It's even softer than a candy floss. It's perfect and I can't wait to wear this next winter. I also have 6 more slate grey balls worth a sweater and 3 Party Angel (the glitter version!!!) in silver gray in my stash. Can't wait to knit them!

Mods: Instead of stripes I knitted one whole ball of white, one coral, two white, and ended with one coral. I thought it might be nice to have diagonal color blocks instead of very thin stripes. I also confess I wanted minimum finishing on this, so I chose to knit each ball until the end, instead of cutting here and there to make stripes.

More pics of the stole on my ravelry page....
Have a lovely week!



I thought I'd have a peaceful Sunday, working, studying, knitting, doing a little house chores too, in short, enjoying this sweet day a lot, but it appears my hot water cylinder decided otherwise....
After wasting a lot of time trying to figure out what's wrong with this stupid object, I capitulated, phoned my landlord and went to a friend's house for a shower. Hot water should be back someday. (hopefully tomorrow or tuesday)
Sorry no finished project today, just a bad picture of my knitting not in progress.

Freezingly yours,


Woodpile Bed Socks

A few months ago, Andi posted a beautiful picture of a pink sock in progress... I immediately fell in love with it, and casted on a pair too.
Since I left my parents home, and therefore, I'm not here anymore to take care of the wool laundry, I realized that my parents are indeed happy with the handknit items I give them, but no so much with the "maintenance". Regia is the best solution in this case. You can just throw your Regia socks with your other clothes and run a normal cycle, up to 40°C! Isn't it great?

 Pattern: Woodpile Socks by Bethany Hill

Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Uni, Solid 4-ply, yellow, about 56 grams.

Needles: Addi Turbo Circular, 2.5mm, 80cm.

About the Pattern: The pattern was really easy to follow and very well written, but after a few pattern repeats, it was obvious I hated knitting these cables. I kept making mistakes, but instead of frogging everything, I named the socks "bedsocks" and proceeded to the heel almost immediately. (I know this is cheating, but I don't care). The pattern is still adorable and it's my fault only if I was unable to focus and count correctly. My mum is happy and that's the most important right?

Mods: Just a (much) shorter leg :p

About the Yarn: Each time I use Regia yarns, I'm disappointed about the stitch definition, how stiff they feel and desperate about my ribbing looking so wonky. But blocking is really the final magical touch as it evens out all the stitches, and my ribbing seems pretty normal. It's really a good yarn. You can't go wrong when using it.


The favorite beret...

There're some patterns I could knit over and over again. "Sweet Little Nothing" is one of those. It represents everything I love about knitting: fine needles, lace and cables, a little retro-chic, beautiful sock yarn, crisp stitch definition....My dear friend Patrizia is a beanie/hat person. She has never tried beret before, and I wanted to knit one for her since a long time. I chose the best yarn in my stash and the best pattern I knew and voilà! I was anxious during all the knitting process, (will she like it? will it fit? will the color suit her?) it was hard to keep it secret as well, but I think it was really worth it: Christmas suprise for my dear friend! I know we're in March, but Christmas spirit should be all year long don't you think? And as it was a surprise, it had to arrive before I could post about it anyway, so here it is:

Pattern: Sweet Little Nothing by Marie Adeline Boyer.

Yarn: Madelinetosh, Tosh Sock, Curiosity, 82 grams.

Needles: Addi Turbo 3mm 40cm & 80cm.

About the Yarn: What can I say about MadelineTosh but how perfect it is? The thread is round and even, making it the best yarn for any project. This yarn was a gift from Jeanie in California (Thank you so much again!) It was waiting for the perfect moment, project and recipient. I still have a little left, and I will probably use it for socks or ornament on a pair of mitts.

About the Pattern: It's the third time I knit this beret and I enjoy it as much as the first time. I think I love it so much also because I witnessed the birth of this pattern. Seeing Marie Adeline creating this wonderful beret was a fascinating experience, not to mention that she was kind enough to spoil me with the slouchy prototype version and let me model her beret. It's the story of a friendship as much as a knitting pattern. I wonder why there're not more projects on Ravelry, but one sure thing is that I can't get enough of it. I adooore knitting it, and will knit it again and again.

Mods: As Patrizia once told me she didn't like slouchy hats, I decided to use CityPurl's modifications for an intermediate size. It worked pretty well as an in-between size. 

Patrizia loved it so much that she wants to knit it too! I'm so happy! Don't you think the possibility to send a pattern as a gift via Ravelry is an awesome feature? I love the idea that we can treat our friends this way too!

I also wanted to thank you, for all the lovely and encouraging comments you wrote on my last post. It means a lot to me. Wishing you a lovely week! xoxoxo 
Je tenais à vous remercier tout particulièrement pour les commentaires adorables et vos encouragements. Je suis très touchée. Je vous souhaite une belle semaine! xoxox


Why Monkey is the Best Sock Pattern Ever....

It's been a long time! I felt unable to post since... I prefer not to count. I won't enter into the details, but not blogging and staying away from the internet is definitely not the solution. Knitting, crafting or blogging will not make the situation any better or even worse, so let's just pretend I haven't been away for so long shall we? If there's still anyone reading here, I hope you are happy in your lives and that you are having a fun time crafting. Please allow me a few weeks to catch up with everyone's blogs.

I have quite a few knits to show since the last time I wrote, but I'll begin with my latest completed projects: Monkey Socks. I knitted two pairs in a row, without even being bored. This pattern is in my opinion the best sock pattern ever. Why? Because whatever yarn you choose (solid, semi-solid or varigated) they will look good. It's the fourth time I knit them and found the perfect fit for my feet. There will definitely be some other monkey socks for myself!

Pattern: No Purl Monkey by CraftyPancakes, the little sister to the original Monkey by Cookie A. I prefer this version for the shameful reason that I don't like purling.

Needles: Addi Turbo Circular 2.75mm, 80cm. (2.5mm gives me a too tight fit) 2.75mm is an awesome needle size, as they *psychologically* knit faster ;)

Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Uni, Solid 4-ply in violet (02205) and navy blue (02000) approximately 75grams each. Ravelry link here and here.

Mods: No mods other than a longer heel flap to fit my high instep. Oh!!! and I have an exciting thing to share with you!!! My ssk's have always looked a bit wonky, since I use the improved ssk method, they look much much better. There's also another method by Techknitter but I haven't tried it yet. It might help you :)

About the Pattern: There're of course plenty of awesome sock patterns on Ravelry, but what I like the most on these, is that it's knitted over 11 rows. So I only knit 13 repeats total for my size (6 for the leg, 7 for the feet) and I'm done! Doesn't it sound better than 35 repeats of a 4 rows pattern, or even worse : 143 rows of stockinette? (even if pure stockinette madness can feel good and curiously relaxing sometimes)

About the Yarn: I wanted easy care and dark yarn for my socks this time. I have a pair of black leather boots I adore, but they horribly bleed on my socks. With this easy care, dark and cheap yarn, I thought I wouldn't regret too much if something happened to them...

Since the beginning of my blog, many french speaking readers have requested a french version of my blog. I admire my fellow blogger friends who write each post in both french and english, but I'm not able to do that. I'd like to write only in french sometimes (it's my mother tongue afterall) but my concern is that it might not be as "readable" as my bad english for most of you.... What's your opinion? Should I go all french or stay in english, or even a no-text-only-pics blog?

Depuis les débuts de mon blog, plusieurs lecteurs francophones m'ont demandé si une version française de mon blog existait. Bien que j'admire les bloggeurs qui écrivent chacun de leur billet en français et en anglais, je ne me sens pas capable de faire une telle chose. Parfois, j'aimerai écrire seulement en français (c'est ma langue maternelle après tout) mais je me dis qu'alors, mon blog ne serait plus aussi accessible à tous que dans mon mauvais anglais. Quel est votre sentiment? Devrais-je écrire ce blog uniquement en français, rester en anglais ou encore opter pour une version sans-texte-que-des photos?

Talk to you soon! I promise. 
Until then, take care of yourselves and cherish your loved ones...


And the winner is....

n°7: Annie !!! 

Congratulations Annie! I'll contact you via Ravelry in a few days.

Thank you to all of you, dear Readers,  I'm so sorry I haven't a prize for each one of you.


Lady Marple

Hello! Almost a month since my last post.... I have been lazy about blogging lately. Don't worry, I haven't forgot about the giveaway. I will draw a name tomorrow. It's not too late if you wish to enter! Just leave a comment to this post.
So what have I been doing this past few weeks? I began my Christmas knitting, finished my cardigan and another secret project. I also began to learn sewing! It was A. and his parents' birthday gift. I feel so grateful and excited! For the moment, I'm just practicing on scrap fabric, but I hope I'll soon be able to sew something recognisable. :) 

Today will be only about knitting. This cardigan was love at first sight. It's exactly how and why I love knitting. A little bit retro shaped, soft, natural, warm and so cozy, rustic but still feminine.

Yarn: Fonty, Super Tweed, Light Grey (7.5 balls)

Needles: 4.5mm and 5mm Addi Turbo Circular Needles.

Buttons: Unknown mother of pearl buttons I bought in a charity shop a few years ago. I'm so happy I could use them for this cardi!

Is the back too large? I realized it looked too big but it doesn't feel too big...
About the Pattern: This pattern is available in both french and english version. It was a fast and smooth knit. I enjoyed every single stitches. I'll will definitely knit abother Lady Marple, maybe a dark grey or black version. I also wanted to thank Nadia who provided an amazing service by taking the time to answer so promptly to my questions about sizing and modifications. Merci beaucoup Nadia pour ta gentillesse et ta disponibilité!

About the Yarn: I LOVE this yarn. It can be itchy the first few times you wear your garment (5% mohair), but it gets softer and softer each time you wash it. (It prefers machine wash than hand wash by the way). The tweed effect is perfect in my opinion and the stitch definition is good.
Mods: I wanted the neckling to be a little more open than in the pattern, so following Nadia's advice, I started the neckline shaping earlier, 11cm instead of 13cm as stated in the pattern. I also used smaller needles for the ribbing and elastic bind off in rib pattern for the whole cardigan. My gauge was 18st x 26 rows instead of 17 st x 25 rows in pattern, but thanks to Nadia, the size M was perfect for me. The wider neckline wasn't necessary though, and I will not alter the pattern next time.

It was the first time I knit Nadia's patterns, but it will not be the last. I have already queued Pretty (me) and one day, I hope I'll knit this lovely Livingston baby sweater. 
Lady Marple and Pretty (me) are originally knitted with the new french brand of yarn: De Rerum Natura by Solenn Couix-Loarer, who is also a talented designer. Have you already tried these yarns? Maybe will I order some yarn as a late birthday gift to myself...

Talk to you tomorrow for the result of the draw!
Have a lovely day!


Birthday Giveaway!

I was wrong thinking that I'd have more time for blogging during holiday. Holiday is almost over, and I don't know where all these days are gone, but it was fun :)
Anyway, I hope you are all doing well. I have good news to share.

Today is my 29th birthday. And because I like you very much and also because I feel sorry about not posting here a lot lately, I have a little gift for you. Let's have a pattern giveaway shall we?

To enter, you have to be a registered Ravelry Member. Post a comment here to tell me which pattern you'd like to knit (or crochet). You can choose any single pattern that is available for purchase on Ravelry. I'll randomly draw a name on November 29th*. The winner will receive the pattern directly in his/hers library via the "Send as a Gift" option.
You can enter the giveaway until November 29th. One comment only per person please ;)

Good luck! :)
*Why is the draw on the 29th? Because I decided I would celebrate my birthday during the first 29 days of November. Next year, just as my friend Andi, I'll celebrate during a whole month! How cool is that?


A Vintage Quill

I hope you are enjoying your week end. My Quill was finally finished at the beginning of the month, but it's only today that I have finally the time to write about it.

Tadaaa! It's probably the most beautiful knit I ever made. I can't believe I made it all by myself!

Pattern: Quill by Jared Flood

Yarn: Holst Garn, Supersoft 100% Uld 1648m/287grams, bought at Le Comptoir, Paris.

Needles: Addi Turbo 4mm

Size: I chose to knit the large version because I wanted to be able to use it as a lap blanket as well. Finished size is 145cmx145cm (It grew a lot once it touched the water). It could have been much bigger but my bed wasn't large enough.....

About Blocking: I already knew I'll have to sleep on the couch for a night if I wanted to use my bed to block my Quill. I happily began the pinning process one evening at 8pm after work. At almost 9pm, with half the shawl blocked, it became obvious I wouldn't have enough pins to finish.... The only store opened in my area had no pins (can you visualise the incredulous expression on the cashier's face when I said I needed pins urgently?) Fortunately, my good friend and ex-neighbor Isa wasn't formalised nor by the nature of my request (she's also a knitter) nor by the late time and had pins to lend. "How many pins do you need?" "As many as you have! May I come now? My Quill is drying!) 30 minutes later I was back with 60 more pins, finished the pinning and finally had a well deserved supper at almost 10pm.
Do you know the best about this? When I woke up the next morning (with a back pain) my Quill was already dry! Less than 12 hours to be perfectly dry. I could have blocked it early in the morning, (even go to the craft store for more pins) and still sleep in my bed after all this adventure.... Next time I'll know. :p

About the Pattern: It's incredibly well written. It was a very, very long knit, but I enjoyed it most of the time. This is the kind of knit you musn't be too anxious to see it finished because it feels like it will take forever. And once finished, I felt a bit lost. I had a sort of Quill blues...Plus, I was ill for several days, and I couldn't focus on knitting. Maybe a little bit of crochet and a pair of socks should put me back on the saddle. After that, I'll have to decide which Lit Knit pattern I am going to knit!

About the Yarn: Holst Garn Supersoft 100% Uld is one of my favorite yarn. The color palette is increadible (more than 90 shades), it's easy care (it loves to go in the washer!), it doesn't pill at all and it's really affordable! Some people will say it's not soft at all despite the name, but I love yarn to be just like that. I love the vintage look and rustic feel of my Quill.

Call me crazy, but I'm considering knitting another Quill, but smaller and in lace weight. I'm completly in love with IgnorantBliss' version!

Wishing you a happy Sunday!